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Griffins Snack Canteen

Snack Info

Our snack offerings are ever changing. Please use this page to view current snack offerings and frequently asked questions about this service. 

A sample of snack options are below. Please check back in August to view the current list for the start of school. 

Current Cold Snack Items 

In the Fridge: 

- YoCrunch Yogurts 

- Chobani Flip Yogurts 

- Hand Cut Fruit 

- Hummus & Carrots 

- Uncrustables 

- Dill Pickle Snacks 

- Bagels with Cream Cheese 

- Pizza Lunchables 

- Boars Head Lunchables

- Balanced Breaks Cheese Snacks 

In the Freezer: 

- Outshine Bars 

- Fresh Fruit Popsicles 

- Oreo Bars 

- Kit Kat Cones 

- Strawberry Shortcake Bars 

- Ice Cream Sandwiches 

- Fudge Bars 

- Klondike Bars 


- Gatorade (Blue or Yellow) 

- Bottled Smoothies 

- YooHoo

- La Croix 

- Bottled Fruit Juices 

- Sunny D 

Current Dry Snack Items 

Breakfast Items: 

- Pop Tarts 

- Blueberry Muffins 

- Little Bites 

- Cereals (6 Rotating) 

Savory Snacks: 

- Corn Chips w/ Salsa

- Veggie Straws 

- Pringles 

- Quaker Rice Crisps 

- Pretzels 

- Sun Chips 

- Kettle Chips

- Popcorn 

- Pirates Booty 

- Goldfish 

- Chex Mix 

- Cheese Its 

Sweet Snacks: 

- Cliff Z Bars

- Granola Bars 

- Oreos 

- Chocolate Chip Cookies 

- Rice Krispy Treats 

August Fruit & Fruit Smoothie Selections

Items rotate on a weekly basis.

Fresh Fruits: 



Red Grapes




Smoothie Flavors: 

Strawberry Banana 

Mango Pineapple 

Mixed Berry 

Tropical (Orange, Pineapple, Banana) 

Green (Spinach, Banana, Apple) 

Don't see any items you like? 

Please help us improve our snack canteen by suggesting an item! 

How is snack served? 

2K- 1st Grade: 

Students receive individually portioned snacks delivered to their classrooms at a designated snack time. 

2nd-12th Grade: 

Students can select their own snacks from the snack canteen located in the dining commons. 

Can my child have ice cream from Snack Canteen?

2K-1st Grade: 

Students are not allowed to consume ice cream from snack canteen. 

2nd-4th Grade: 

Students are allowed to consume ice cream on Fridays only, after lunch period. 

5th-12th Grade: 

Students are allowed to consume ice cream any day after lunch period or during afternoon snack break. 

When can my child access Snack Canteen?

2nd-4th Grade: 

Students can retrieve snacks at the end of lunch period, or at a designated snack time accompanied by their teacher. 

5th-12th Grade: 

Students can access the snack canteen at the following times: 

- Before School (beginning at 8am) 

- Morning Snack Break (10am) 

- During the end of Lunch Period

- Afternoon Snack Break (1:50pm) 

- During Study Hall with Teacher Permission 

Making the right snack choices for your child

Please help your child make the right snack choices for their diet and tastes. Our new Meal Manage system should help you to see which snacks your child consumes. 

How many snacks will my child receive per day?


Students receive one serving or fruit and one serving of salty/carb snack during morning snack period. 

K-1st Grade: 

Students receive two servings of fresh fruit and one serving of salty/carb per day at the designated snack times provided by their teacher.

2nd-4th Grade: 

Students on an Annual, Semester or Monthly Snack Plan receive 2 snacks from the snack canteen per day. 

5th-12th Grade: 

Students on an Annual, Semester or Monthly Snack Plan receive 3 snacks from the snack canteen per day. 

2nd-12th Grade: 

Students on a FLEX plan can receive as many snacks as they desire per day. Students are charged per snack that they consume. 

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