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Griffins Garden

Welcome to the Griffins Garden! Our mission is to educate students on the benefits of organic gardening and learning where their food comes from. Our hope is that these core fundamentals will prepare our students for a lifetime of healthy eating practices. Throughout the school year we provide enrichment opportunities in the garden for all divisions from Preschool to Upper School.  The garden also allows us to utilize any and all organic produce for the students and faculty to enjoy in the dining commons on a regular basis. 

Raised Beds


Griffins Garden now consists of 17 raised beds. The raised bed gardening approach provides us with more control of garden growth and allows students easier access and use to all plants.


Currently Growing:


We are currently transitioning between our summer garden to planting our fall crop. Please check back for more updates. 



In the spring of 2022 the garden grew with the addition of our own Honey Bee hive. Carol Hamilton, 5th Grade Science Teacher, secured the school with a Honey Bee Grant which provided us with the hives and bees. The honeybees ensure that all the plants are pollenated properly which in turn means more produce for everyone to enjoy!

Student Engagement 

Student engagement is our primary focus in the Griffins Garden. During the school year upper, middle and lower school students have helped with everything from heavy weeding, turning over the beds in between seasons, planting and harvesting. We have also created a gardening committee consisting of a representative from each division. Their purpose is to find the best avenues to expand curriculum school wide as well as create additional opportunities for students to access the garden. 

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