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The Sansbury Family

Hello! We are the Sansbury Family: Joel, Lenora, Solomon (3rd), Leanna (1st) and newly born Calahan (2 months)! Our family joined the Spartanburg Day School community in the fall of 2018. Two years later we began operating the Griffins Table as the sole food service provider. We love this community and all the relationships we have built through the school. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your families. 

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Our Mission

Back in 2012 we opened our own restaurant showcasing our desire to serve locally sourced food. Over the past ten years we have grown that philosophy creating a unique farm to table school lunch program. We grow a variety of our own vegetables in the 100% organic Griffins Garden. We also strive to incorporate local vendors, antibiotic free meats and non-gmo items in our food service. We believe that if we would not feed it to our own children then we should not feed it to the student body. 

We are dedicated to seeing our vision expand so we have recently partnered with PAL Spartanburg’s Food Hub to deliver fresh local vegetables and meats to Griffins Table. We have also joined the School Nutrition Association and will be working closely with their training programs this year to ensure we are providing a healthy balanced diet for all students. 


We are here to support you! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

Meat Vendors 

Perdue Farms 
Springer Mountain Farms 
More to come..

Fruit & Vegetable Vendors

Griffins Garden 
Tyger River Smart Farms
Taylor Boys Produce 
More to come...

Other Vendors 

Split Creek Farms 
Great Harvest Bread Co
More to come..
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